The work reflects on the theme "Shifting the borders", by portraying classical interpretation of the painter's work as its primary approach, and in interaction with the functional fashion form.This contrast creates a kind of parody of consumer's infatuation with brands, most commonly misused on market by fake copies.On the other hand, it is also a critique of contemporary fine art that is replaced by conceptual art, that today, instead of visual, employs narrative methods. In that sense, the authentic painting brush strokes become a nostalgic and humorous reminder that creation of design is first of all an applied-visual and, then, a marketing category.

>> BAG   45 x 65 x 12 cm - Painting and sewing on linen, with accessories

kolektivne izložbe ULUPUDS-a

Galeija RTS-a, SULUJ, galerija "Singidunum" i Mala galerija ULUPUDS-a 

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